Insurance Claims Specialists in Vancouver

Insurance Claims Specialists Vancouver

When a disaster hits, there are several thoughts that come to your head. Most of them involve the recovery process. If you have insurance, you will start to wonder if this will cover your loss and if you will be able to completely recover and get your life back to what it was before. Insurance policies are very complex and difficult to comprehend if you are not an experienced insurance claims specialist. This is why it is always recommended to get professional advice from a team of insurance claims specialists like Jeff Slater Consulting.
Your insurance carrier will always try to maintain their expenses to the minimum, they will definitely take whatever you say or do to their advantage, this is why we don’t recommend going to them at first. Insurance claims specialists like the team of Jeff Slater consulting will work with you from the very first day as your advocate, to get the fair and much-needed settlement for you to get back to your normal life.

Your advocate from day one

Regardless of the amount lost, a fair settlement is needed for you to recover from what has happened and your insurance will most likely cover exactly what you need, you only have to start the process with the right documentation and evidence in order to do so. Insurance claims specialists will work with you from very start to get the evidence needed like pictures, videos, documents of material lost, etc. Depending on the claim, the process can be quite different but with every step of the way, the team of insurance claims specialists will be there to inform and support you.

Be one step ahead

Insurance claims specialists like Jeff Slater Consulting can help asses the amount lost and will guide you through the claim process. From fire insurance claims that can be from a small room to the whole house or a flood insurance claims, we will help throughout the process. We are devoted to getting all the details and answers that you need for this process. More than one answer may come up but we have the experience necessary to negotiate a settlement that will put your property to its pre-loss condition. A personalized service will be provided for you be one step ahead for your settlement.

Get the fair and proper settlement you need

At Jeff Slater Consulting we know how it’s like dealing with a loss. We are insurance claims specialists that have been working for years helping families, business owners, and more to get over this difficult time and getting back to their normal lives. It is not always easy but we will be your advocate in order to get you the fair settlement you need.

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